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spa treats: ylang-ylang

25 April 2011 in personal , spa review 1 Comment

You know I've been in search of a good spa getaways nearby my living areas for quite some time now. reason being is that I don't want to have to travel a long long way just for a spa getaways. I know there are some good ones in south of Jakarta area. But living in jakarta, travelling from north to south, will take me about 2-3 hours a trip, will spend me almost the whole day, just for maybe a 3-4 hours indulgence. I decided it was not that much ...

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spa at novotel mangga dua square jakarta

4 February 2011 in Blog , personal , spa review 1 Comment
spa at novotel mangga dua square jakarta

Been so tired for these few days since last 2 weeks. Been driving my body nuts, so I decided I needed a break desperately. Been staying in novotel for a while, so I guess with the workloads and all, the most sensible way is to have the spa right at the hotel itself. I've never tried this hotel's spa, but the menu was not very impressive. I had no choice but to follow the 60mins massage, without any additional time limit available. When I go inside the area, it was ...