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spa treats: ylang-ylang

25 April 2011 in personal , spa review 1 Comment

You know I've been in search of a good spa getaways nearby my living areas for quite some time now. reason being is that I don't want to have to travel a long long way just for a spa getaways. I know there are some good ones in south of Jakarta area. But living in jakarta, travelling from north to south, will take me about 2-3 hours a trip, will spend me almost the whole day, just for maybe a 3-4 hours indulgence. I decided it was not that much ...

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lingerie talk

8 April 2011 in General , personal 0 Comment

I've been reading beauty blogs, nail blogs, style blogs, and a whole bunch of personal blogs, and never once come across a girl talking about underwear. Yeah, you read it right. Underwear, as in lingerie. Maybe many see it as a taboo. I know some of my friends are. But realized one thing, no matter how taboo it is, still, girls, admit it, you can't live without one. All girls in this universe, rich and poor, pretty and ugly, deffinitely have at least 1 pair of bra, and panties. Believe it ...

autism as a joke??? think AGAIN!!

4 March 2011 in General , personal 0 Comment

Taken from : sillystupidlife.com That afternoon, I was busy reading a recipe book specially meant for autism. Yes, my daugther can't eat freely. If anything, she would just turn like crazy if there is something or some ingredient that is not tolerable by her body. On left hand, my daughter's food diary, that I had first written when she was first introduced to food. Contains whatever that is edible for her, allegy reactions and whatever food that's inedible and will cause her overwhelmed. Can you imagine? Maybe not, so please let ...

exchanging sickness

26 February 2011 in personal 0 Comment

Still on the update for my little sweet angel. She got the bad coughings with all the slime and stuff. It was so bad that she woke up just now, and threw up abit. Maybe that's the reason she doesn't have much appetite to eat. Sometimes when things like this happened, I just feel like if only I could take the sickness and put it on myself. Like yesterday, she threw up almost all food and drinks she had swallowed earlier. She avoids most of any food, include her most ...

busy buzy buxy!!!

24 February 2011 in personal 0 Comment

Haven't yet stopped the buzyness since the nail art working days. Still have an album to rush, and my little princess is falling sick.. I don't get it sometimes, I realized that she is always falling sick everytime I work my ass off for more than 1 full day. I wonder why... Maybe that is what people say the connection between mother and child.. Or whatever you call it. Somehow I just feel guilty after working when I see her suffer that much:( But I had no choice since we need double ...

spa at novotel mangga dua square jakarta

4 February 2011 in Blog , personal , spa review 1 Comment
spa at novotel mangga dua square jakarta

Been so tired for these few days since last 2 weeks. Been driving my body nuts, so I decided I needed a break desperately. Been staying in novotel for a while, so I guess with the workloads and all, the most sensible way is to have the spa right at the hotel itself. I've never tried this hotel's spa, but the menu was not very impressive. I had no choice but to follow the 60mins massage, without any additional time limit available. When I go inside the area, it was ...

happy Chinese New Year

2 February 2011 in General , personal 0 Comment
happy Chinese New Year

Finally, my biggest project of the year, a wedding with sitting down dinner of 150 tables, is done. It was not perfect, but fine in the end. I mean without sleeping since 26th ( 4 days prior to the wedding ) and had been eating tremendous amount of ester-C and yang-sen ( a type of ginseng that will make us stay awake, some sort of coffee effect minus off the caffeine ), it goes quite well according to the guests. Tried this OPI color ( off with her red ) ...

privacy harrassment

15 January 2011 in General , personal 0 Comment

I just came across this person in FB, who wants to add friend with me, and I thought, there's no harm in befriending more friends worldwide. But you know what? This person talks like as if he knew me (he wishes!!). Since I came back to Indo ( 2004 ), and worked with many magazines, and with all the worldwide connections with friendster (last time!) And Facebook nowadays, I had faced like a few hundreds of them. Some are quite polite enough to introduce themselves ( as gentlemen ) which I ...

take care my dear sista!

10 January 2011 in personal 0 Comment

Today, my dearest sister flew to USA for her bachelor degree. She took corespondence in Singapore and had to spend another 1 semester in order to get her degree there, in Buffalo, New York. It was kind of hard decision to make at first with my parents. They love her too much to let her go. Imagine in such foreign country, no relative whatsoever, it was hard for my mom to take a breath and feel not-to-worry so much. There are so many what ifs come across my mom and dad's ...


2 January 2011 in personal 0 Comment

Went to Piscantor, epicentrum walk for a reunion. It was bit strange, coz I hadn't been in that school for long ( coz of some riots happened in the past, had to move away from Jakarta, my dear hometown ). Miss those days. Catches up with quite a number of them. Some changes, some stays the same. It was fun and good to know there are still friends around you, I mean look at the world nowadays, it's just hard to find a good friends to share good and bad times ...

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