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skincare review: BRTC pore tightening serum

19 November 2010 in Blog , product review 0 Comment
skincare review: BRTC pore tightening serum

been trying on alot of korean products. and there are quite alot of good raves about this brand, BRTC. actually BRTC is known as one of cosmeceutical* skincare regime. the one that's well known is BRTC blemish cover BB cream ( for those who is confused of what is BB cream, you guys can read my explanation about BB cream in my facebook group page... will switch it over here soon tho ). it was said as good color tone, good coverage, and does have some healing properties for blemishes. ...


santa paws

16 November 2010 in General , personal 0 Comment
santa paws

been watching DVDs while uploading images into the gallery and shop with my little princess. here is one of which, her favorite... it's about believing once again, in this wild wild world, nasty, bad world, that there is still miracles, magic, kindness and sweetness. when you believe, then you will be able to see the 'real' truth, that the dogs could actually talk, etc. my little princess is just one good example of it. her existance in my world does create alot of magic and miracles. or should i say she ...

working day

13 November 2010 in Events 0 Comment

Am on the way to Ritz-carlton hotel to do some retouching for my client.. She is one of my friends from my japanese class.. Just found out that she has a big big family there. Total aunties to be made up = 21. That's just purely the ones staying at her house, helping out her mom.. It's been hard for her mom too for the fact that she has such a big house, about 6 families staying in, and yet, not a single maid. Imagine! Not a single maid.. The good ...

jobs waiting

11 November 2010 in General , News 0 Comment

here is the thing, since this is the part of the year where wedding is the best business around, i've been busy all these long.... souvenir is coming up for this 21st November for a gold wedding. met the daughter and son too late (as they were saying they would have engaged me instead of their current event planner) so the only thing they need from me is souvenirs:) and all of the sudden, after i submitted the packaged souvenirs, now they were asking me to do little pouch for the ...

Welcome to the newly launched

11 November 2010 in General 0 Comment

finallyyyy.... here it is!!!! the web is done. many thanks to www.madewithloveinc.com and its designer, sheilla luciana to make all this happens:) let me know anything to improve from here and enjoy!

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