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Yachicko Masda Couture

Was created in year 2007. Yachicko sees the need of personalized accessories to suit every special women on their special moments. Be it their weddings, their daughters’ weddings, or even their best friends’.

This haute couture line uses all premium materials in realizations of the ideas. Sea-water pearls, Fresh-water pearls, Swarovsky crystals, Czech Glass, Japanese beads, and even diamonds and gold.

Each and every item is a limited edition. There is no chances of repetitions. Thus, for every item, it will only be yours alone. It takes at least a month to create each item, with great attention to every single details to be put to every item creating a masterpiece of its own.

Yusche by Yachicko Masda

Was created in year 2004. Yusche has the essense of being a woman as a whole. Yusche fulfills many women’s dreams to feel confident and beautiful in all their special occassions. Be it streetwear fonders, or girls next door dressing up to hang out with their friends, or even young working moms trying to look good for their husbands, clients, or even their bosses. Funky, Sexy, Sweet, Wild, and everything in between them.

Although Yusche is a fashion line, Yachicko still uses premium materials to create the items. Swarovski crystals, japanese white gold plated chains, rhodium nickel-free elements are all parts and pieces of the creations. This is to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction, to show quality.

Now, with the help of many orphans, disabled children, needy children, the sales of Yusche’s affordable products has grown not just locally, but internationally. Singapore, HongKong, Korea, even Japan and Australia.

Having Yusche, you can feel the purity of the hearts of those who made them, includes those orphans, and disabled children. Thus, by taking this opportunity to take a look at the products they have made, you also give those children a chance to show you how much they have given effort, heart, and soul to create those accessories just for you.

At the same time, if you have purchased one of those Yusches’ products. Thank you for giving those needy children a little bit more opportunity to live and be more creative in time to come.

The Designer

She believes everyone was created to be beautiful. Often behind the imperfection of humanity, there is delicate perfection. Her work, she believes is to bring out the beauty that lies within everyone.

Her creation is to support the outer beauty and confidence in everyone that she believes can help to shape the inner beauty, the delicate aura in everyone.

Born on 1981, she has senses of a delicate designer. She loves everything to do with arts.She works with a lot of orphans, disabled children to create her designs into reality. Her life has been going around showing people that no one in this world is ugly. Even an ugly duckling will become a beautiful swan. With her make up skills on hand, and her fingers dancing through all the materials to create masterpieces.

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