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ring pillow: mermaid’s play

13 April 2012 in creation 0 Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve created a sea-themed ring pillow. I got this order from a lovely client who is bold enough to try other things ( her husband to be is a tattoo artist ) and she has this nice beachy theme back at her hometown, palu, kalimantan.
Since a lot of beach theme wedding color scheme was blue, white and yellow, she chose bold purple and fuschia for a twist. So I came up with this purplish ring pillow…
Since she was in love with my previous creative with the same theme ( look at my photos gallery to see what it looks like… ), and I’m not repeating any of my custom-made creative ( ’cause I’ve already made a promise to each and everyone of my clients that my creations will be one of a kind, and will only be created for them, and for them alone…), this is what I came out with…
Actually I’m still thinking of whether or not should I add a purple butterfly on the side of the seashells… Well, we’ll see when it’s final by next week yeah…:D
Actually I also have a matching nail art set on the way in the making ( the same client wanted the nail art as well… ), will post that hopefully next week:)
Hope this will give someone out there an inspiration 🙂 have a good day!!! Cheers!


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