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review: OPI Holland series

28 February 2012 in polish swatch 0 Comment

Recently, I had been picking up on my long-lost nail art passion. and this year’s spring collection of OPI Holland has made me even more eager to try on new nail arts and so.
There are subtle yet glamourous elegant colors, others are more daring and fashion-statement-seeking. Love love all the colors. Look at the purple, look at the blue (goshhh!!! I want that rotterdam!! ). Although the windmillian was very very damned close to the previous pirates of carribean series “mermaid’s tears”. I still love all of the colors ( look at the browns! Is that amazing!! ).
I guess since other brands has come up with nice colors, like essie, zoya, and friends, OPI feel the urge and need to revamp their new and upcoming colors. It had been shown in both latest collection of the muppets series, and this holland series.
Hopefully OPI can retain its reputation at this rate all season all year long ( well, I was not very fond when the last season’s soft shade ‘femme’ series came out… It felt normal… Despite the soft shades from the previous year was amazing!!! ).
Hail OPI! Long Live OPI!!


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