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review: one piece hair studio @ Central Park

28 February 2012 in product review 0 Comment

Had done the japanese perm at this salon for quite some time. And I still love the effect, so I guess, it’ll be good if I do a review here.
I had had ceramic perms, digital waves since I reached 17. I guess I kinda realized right there and then that my rounded oval face suits waves the best.
And since my hair type is super oily, with a perm a year, and colors in the middle, it was sufficient to turn my hair normal instead. Although occassionally when I came across bad perms, the ends were bit dry.
I stopped doing perms when I got married and since I got pregnant, I kinda put my full attention to my baby princess.
Since she’s growing and going to pre-school now, I kinda curious when I came across this shunji matsuo’s hair studio. When I made appointments, it was really good. When I went there, the Yuuta (the native japanese I chose for my perms and cuts) recognizes me straight away, which is kinda flattering for me:)
This is felt good for me coz there were quite a few assistants helped out with the process. And since they were all so friendly, the process doesn’t really felt “That” long!!:)
And the result was amazing. Not so “curl” yet not as “straight”, exactly what I wanted it to be!
The amazing thing is they hold on to amazing japanese custom, that is no tips for all!!!
I will deffinitely come back there for my next perm!!
They also teach me for the maintenance of the curls, and I bought this curl-maintainer gel from them, and it was amazing!!! It holds the curls and all, but yet, not as oily, or hard as all the other curl maintainer I’ve come across (you know the usual paul mitchell, redhead tigi, l’ucidol, etc. Etc. Whatever the salon were suggesting to me… In order to maintain the curls longest possible). And my super favorites is deffinitely this one from the hair studio. It was so amazing that I felt like using and using it all the time:)


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