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Sweet valentine

15 February 2012 in nail art 0 Comment

It’s been quite some time since I wrote this blog. Reason being, besides being too busy with my baby girl, and trying my very best to stay ‘sane’ for her, I had been concentrating on creating my new and upcoming ready-to-wear clothing line (just wait and see!!).
But, along with this, since I got to know this very good OPI & Essie supplier from Singapore, I have been collecting a lot of new colors of those brands nail-polishes (and there will be some giveaways some time from now deffinitely! So wait up and read on Gurls!!).
This is 1 of my favorites actually, just a simple nail art that I got the chance to try after my baby girl is asleep at night.
It’s a free-hand gradation technique that I used! The inside color is ‘happy anniversary’ and the outer color is ‘ princess rules!’.
It’s very sweet and lovely at the same time, stunning and elegant (I guess it’s because of the shimmery effect from both the polishes). Very suitable for those simple yet stunning and elegant brides, or girls who are going on that special date, with that special someone.
It’s really nice and lasts for quite sometime, since it has to be applied at a quite thick level. The minus point is that it takes longer than usual normal polishes to dry (since the layers are thicker!). So got to be really patient, or else, some scratches will show, although not very obvious (due to the shiny shimmery natural of both the polishes), buat still to people like me (I mean those professional nail artists), we will still see it as obvious! (Mind us will ya?:D )
Slowly but sure, I’d add more and more about nail arts, hopefully it will be a source of inspiration for all the girls out there who ready my blog:)


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