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review: maybelline mineral BB cream

20 December 2011 in product review 0 Comment

Very seldom for me to touch such products from Maybelline. I mean I know their mascara (one of my favorites) is really good. But since I’ve learnt about make up and skincare, I come to know that their skin products like foundations, powders, etc. Are not as good (they kinda oxidize really fast throughout the hours).
But when I saw my sister bought it. It reminds me of BBmousse from Shu Uemura (also another of my favorites, and I really love their BB mousse). So I asked my sister whether I can give it a try.
When I first try, it was kinda good. Although abit hard to blend at first (you have to use some kind of tools to blend perfectly), when you find a way, it was good. It has nice color as well. Although abit more difficult to blend than the Shu Uemura BBmousse.
Until when I tried it on for a whole day. I realized it oxidizes in about 3 – 4 hours. It doesn’t really change in color though, just that it gets darker and make my skin looked coarse than it really was. My mom was literally shocked and ask me what product did I tried since my skin looked terrible and advice me not to do such experiments anymore.
After I washed my face (after 8 hours of wearing it), it stays in tack though there are certain parts that was washed away by my sweat in the afternoon, which means it is not really sweatproof. You will need to retouch throughout the day.
All in all, I don’t really like this product (although I kinda like the packaging and all, since it states all the instruction in japanese and I’m kinda a japanese fan) and I will not recommend anyone to use it. Unless they use it on their own choice.


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