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review: infinite delight

10 November 2011 in food review 2 Comments

Tried these cookies when I had to do a wedding for one of my long-term clients in bali. And surprisingly it was made by one of my sweetest clients as well. Curious, I tried the cookies, and it was surprisingly delightful. I mean when I saw the package, it was really sweet, simple and elegant. It represents the bride and groom at that moment (everyone who attended the party would have agreed with me I’m sure! ).
At first, when I tried the chocolate chip cookies, it was quite common ( for one thing, maybe coz I had been having those dark bitter chocolate too much and so, that’s why I don’t taste as much chocolate here… ). On the other hand, I kinda like the oatmeal raisin (although the raisin was abit too dry), overall was really nice and delightful.
And then, when I attended the bazaar they invited me to, and she had this new variant, matcha butter cookies… Gosh it was really addictive!!! It tastes almost similar to the one from japan that my dad had brought me some time ago!! Not too sweet, yet soft and smells so sweet!! Love it really. And there’s this snap butter cookies they recommended that I really like!! So soft, crisp and lovely!!! I guess anybody should try it. I practically ate the whole box by myself!!! Another nice choice was the almond chips!! It was surprisingly tasted as good!!!
Another thing is the packaging was sooooo nice!!! It gave this feeling of being appreciated and luxury.
Check out their website ( http://www.infinitedelight.com ) for more information. They cater for souvenirs (like the one I got from Bali), or any other gifts like birthdays, baby’s one months, etc. etc.



  1. Gina
    January 7, 2017

    I feel safietisd after reading that one.

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    February 3, 2017

    — seit lange”m” vermutlich kann auch das “n” günstig verkauft werden. Ich liebe die Klugscheisserei. Ãœbigens hoffe ich der Admin hat jetzt keine rechtlichen Auseinandersetzungen wegen dem Alien-Video…

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