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review: berroca vitamin C

10 November 2011 in food review 0 Comment

It was recommended by one of my clients, saying that she had been counting on this whenever she had exams and important project deadlines.
it is like a redbull, performance booster, just that, this contains vitamin C and B complex ( B complex is known for making the body work fresher and improve health after illness ).
One thing I know is this thing really works. Once you drink up the liquid, you will feel more energized. Although the effect wears out about 3-4 hours later (again this is NOT redbull or some sort of stamina booster, which is proven to be bad for health!), you can take somemore since the vitamin C is only about 250mg ( a comfortable intake is about 1500mg for tired body).
I do recommend this for those who works long hours (sometimes…) which is almost like my schedule (freelancers).
However, I do not recommend this for long term taking, since it functions as booster, I’m kinda sceptical that it might make our body addicted (something like what coffee do… Which in the long run, it doesn’t has any effect anymore to our brain and body). Haven’t yet to try that to see if there’s side effects:D (or rather, I don’t dare to try… みϱ”̮みϱ”̮みϱ”̮みϱ (⌒˛⌒)╯ ).


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