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review: you won’t believe your eyes

3 November 2011 in product review 0 Comment

Saw this on the sephora’s aisle when I went to Singapore a few weeks back for some works. Since I was really in love with the righteous butter and decided to buy it, I accidentally saw this one and felt curious. It was at a very good bargain too!!!
When I first try, it was very cooling and relaxing. That was my first impression. It’s almost like having a facial spa at hand (when the therapist actually uses the finger-beds of third and fourth finger to press on our under eye area, and going into circling our upper eye area for the lifting effect) . And subsequently, since I was very pushy with my eyes ( since I had to rush on some dresses ), I kinda use it almost every an hour or two. Just as a quick perk-me-up indulgence. And it works!!! My eyes don’t feel as tired as it should be, and with the pinkish greyish creamy color liquid, it does give a subtle radiance boost, just as it claims to be.
For one thing, it doesn’t really cure the panda eyes (and don’t expect it to do so). It helps in the puffyness (fyi, I often wake up with puffy eyes when I’m too tired of working), not as much as “gone”, but helps to decrease it for sure, especially when you do it like before you sleep.
However, it’s not really an eye cream, and since I don’t really have much fine lines + wrinkles yet, can’t really proof on how much the ingredients for “instantight” to actually work. Will have to ask my mom to test on this really. Will update again on this.
All in all, I kinda love this for a little perk-me-up item which I will carry around everywhere and use it anytime. Currently I use it like once every 2-3 hours when I’m working on the beadings for my wedding gowns, and once in the morning and night when I’m not really using my eyes as much.
I think I will have to buy another tube by next month:P


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