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review: infinite delight

10 November 2011 in food review 2 Comments
review: infinite delight

Tried these cookies when I had to do a wedding for one of my long-term clients in bali. And surprisingly it was made by one of my sweetest clients as well. Curious, I tried the cookies, and it was surprisingly delightful. I mean when I saw the package, it was really sweet, simple and elegant. It represents the bride and groom at that moment (everyone who attended the party would have agreed with me I'm sure! ). At first, when I tried the chocolate chip cookies, it was quite common ...

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review: berroca vitamin C

10 November 2011 in food review 0 Comment
review: berroca vitamin C

It was recommended by one of my clients, saying that she had been counting on this whenever she had exams and important project deadlines. it is like a redbull, performance booster, just that, this contains vitamin C and B complex ( B complex is known for making the body work fresher and improve health after illness ). One thing I know is this thing really works. Once you drink up the liquid, you will feel more energized. Although the effect wears out about 3-4 hours later (again this is NOT ...


review: you won’t believe your eyes

3 November 2011 in product review 0 Comment
review: you won't believe your eyes

Saw this on the sephora's aisle when I went to Singapore a few weeks back for some works. Since I was really in love with the righteous butter and decided to buy it, I accidentally saw this one and felt curious. It was at a very good bargain too!!! When I first try, it was very cooling and relaxing. That was my first impression. It's almost like having a facial spa at hand (when the therapist actually uses the finger-beds of third and fourth finger to press on our under ...

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