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review: bali ratih body butter and body lotion

12 October 2011 in Blog 0 Comment

I had been trying a few local homemade body lotions, scrubs, body butters and some massage oils. I mean who doesn’t feel tempted? It’s cheap, yet smells nice. Sometimes it is too nice that it almost smells like parfume.
But over the years, I’ve bad found some good ones (and effective) as well as not so good ones (as in do nothing at all to your skin) and some bad ones (causes irritations to your skin most of the time…).
I’ve tried bali stuff on and off and never wanna repurchase, since the smell changes over time ( means the essential oils were not as pure as they claim to be) and some are not that effective.
Found 1-2 that’s quite good, but that’s all about it.
This bali ratih is considered as one of the good ones. I mean packaging wise, it never occurs to me that the products were qualified enough for me. I bought it for the sake of curiosity only at first.
And when I first used the body lotion, it felt nice. It really replenishes all the dryness of my skin after every time I wash hands. So since then I’m going to get it as my every-time-after-wash-hand remedy. As the age come by, my skin felt drier and drier. So the alcohol content of each and every product I put on my skin become very obvious, this one can be considered low alcohol, high hydration despite the nice smell.
The body butter was also very soft and nice. Not as buttery as other body butter I’ve tried, but smooth and soft enough as body lotion. I guess this might do good for those starters, who would like to start using body butter, but afraid of how it might make your skin feels like, more sticky, etc. etc. This one is not sticky at all, and it glides on very smoothly. It also serves the purpose of replenishing the water content in the skin, make it feel even softer after bathing.
I guess it would be my once in a while everyday cheap indulgence. Yay!!!


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