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Chinese New Year festival

12 February 2011 in Events 0 Comment

Still on the chinese new year celebration, I agreed to be the judge for a kids fashion show ( kindergarten and primary students ) on my old school. It has become a habit now, like 7 years in a row, for every single year without fail, I’m judging on these excited interesting kids.
It was so cute and funny, scary at the same time. I mean look at them, they are aged 3-9 years old, but they don’t look their ages. They are wearing heels, long gowns with train, some of them with big beautiful ballgown and with proper make up on! Some of them even wear mascara and fake lashes!! The boys come up with grandpa’s beard and pretend to be one, or even the king of the dynasty.. I can’t even imagine how my daughter will act like when she’s their age.
Some of them walk so nicely on stage.. And some are too shy to go up the stage, but with parents enforcements, they had no choice but to go up there and stand for that particular 3 mins.
Some of them, are really good. I mean with such an age, they are not afraid to make eye contacts, and with such confidence believing that they are worth enough to be seen among the rest.. And looking at the parents, I realized there are 2 types of parents, one who will always be there for them, giving them all the answers they need, showing them all the moves without caring about what others see on them.. Making the kids soooo dependent on them, that they don’t even bother to remember the moves. All they know is when they are looking at their mom or dads, there will be answers. This, in return, will only weaken the kids, cause all they know is to turn to their parents for answers and the parents will always give it to them, without them having to try their best.
But there is another kind of parents. These are the parents of the champions I can say. Those who don’t really care whether the kids can do it or not. They just be supportive in a passive way, but some of these kids I know, will become those very successful people when they grow up. They try their best, give their best effort in the things they do. Coz they know their parents are down there, and looking at them. Not wanting to dissappoint their parents and wanting to make them proud.. Are the best encouragement they could get anywhere. And they know when they finish, they can run down there to reach their parents, and whether they do it good or bad, the parents will still accept them with big ‎​◦’⌣’◦‎​ and open arms, telling them, nevermind, you can try next year, I believe you can do it. I mean they never give the answers directly. The children had to try harder than anyone else to remember the moves and all, OR just be creative on stage when they forget the moves, maybe it sounds hard, but this will then prepare them to face the world. Coz the world is never been good, and will always be hard and cruel. It’s the matter of how can we handle it. Agree?

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